Investment – is not only the money invested, it is still your strength and your time

Investment – is not only the money invested, it is still your strength and your time.

You want to get a great income? Spend your time and energy wisely, without wasting them on trifles.


Our history of development:

Our previous project 100Rub.Pro has become, for more than 100,000 users from around the world, a constant source of high, safe and stable income.

But, as it turned out, not all people can work successfully on 100Rub.Pro project is associated with a narrow focus of the project, and we decided to remedy this situation.
We have created a unique project, which has no analogues, , which would allow all to earn big money.

On this project we teach you invest in yourself, will teach you how to properly and most importantly it safe, make the internet, rationally using their time and energy.


What is our advantage:

1) We collected our all possible ways of earning on the Internet, what would you do not have to choose between several projects, where to spend their time.
You can make us so, as you wish, regardless of the chosen method of earnings.

2) All you invested forces you to convert your income and adjust the course of these coins in the system.

3) Do you have many ways to make money and earn income.

4) You can pick up several strategies earnings, making and selling coins that would earn income immediately or not to spend the coin and get the most profit.

5) You do not need to worry for your money, as it happens in other projects, the project works in fully automatic mode. Recruiting and payments are made by the same automatic and you can get their money at any time by selling part of the coin on the Stock Exchange of coins.

6) For all the time of our work, we have not received any negative feedback from our users, and all suggestions for improvement have been considered and implemented.


How do I earn and what you need to do:

At first, you do not everything will be clear. That’s why we created the Education section, where, in a few minutes, you can step by step to understand how to earn money, which required coins, a multiplier, and that is the authorized fund.

Education Section is available in the left menu, click on it and go through a short learning curve


Here we describe the basic principles:

All users of the project are its investors and participating in the development of the project, to increase its authorized capital by earning or buying coins. The person who will collect the first 30% of the charter capital will be the winner, with the money get all the users.

At this point, all users will be paid in cash, in accordance with the number of coins earned at the rate of the system.

1) Statutory Fund – is the sum of all items specified at the top of the project, which is distributed among users in accordance with the number of coins they earned.

2) Coins – this is the main currency of the project. They can earn, save, and sell. You can get instant revenue by selling their coins on the Stock Exchange of coins, but that you reduce the number of their coins, allowing another user to buy them and will be a winner.

3) Course – This course coins the US Dollar at a given time.
The course is not constant, depends on the total number of coins in circulation and the amount of authorized capital. The greater the amount of the authorized fund, the higher the rate, and the more money you can get for a coin.
We calculated all the parameters of the system in such a way that the average value of the exchange rate has steadily increased, while revenue per user is constantly growing.

4) factor – is the main factor influencing the growth rate of your coins. The higher your multiplier, the more coins you will receive for the same job.


Proper earnings strategy is simple – first, increase the multiplier, and then earn coins, so you can earn a lot more coins, over the same period of time and, consequently, your income will be much higher.


Where to begin?

If you have not been trained, pass it by selecting the section of the menu Training .
Or, go to Get the coins and earn their first coins on project



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